How to Design an Efficient Home Kitchen?


Designing a kitchen can be a difficult task as you have to consider how you use the kitchen and all the ways that it can be made efficient. This is why you need to select a renovation specialist to take the stress of designing off your shoulders. An efficient kitchen will make cooking and preparation easy for you and you will no longer have to worry about not having enough storage space.

There are certain elements of the kitchen that has to be chosen carefully. One such element is the kitchen sink. You have to choose this based on your requirements and maintenance schedules. A larger sink will allow you to wash items without feeling cramped. But this depends on how you use the kitchen as well. If you don’t cook for a large number of people or if you are living on your own, a small sink will be just as efficient. For making large meals, a larger sink is necessary.

Consider the material of the sink and whether it makes for less maintenance. Stainless steel is a preferred material for many kitchens as they are easy to clean and when you drop a glass accidentally, it has a tendency to bounce off the stainless steel base instead of breaking.

Counter space is an important part of kitchen design Newcastle. You can never have too much counter space. You need to choose a benchtop material that comes with low maintenance so you don’t have to spend so much time in the kitchen after food preparation. Materials like solid surface, stainless steel and engineered stone are easy to clean up afterwards. Think about the colour of the material as well. Lighter colours give a spacious feel to the kitchen and it will also help you spot stains and areas to clean easier. Look for benchtops that are resistant to scratches and heat.

So you will be able to place a heated pan on the counter without having to run around and look for pot holders. When the materials in the kitchen are hard to damage, it takes a weight off your shoulders when you are working within the space. You have to make sure there is enough dry and cold storage. Choose a freezer with a capacity that fits your requirements. If you are used to meal prepping for a large family, you will definitely need a bigger freezer.

Good lighting is essential to a kitchen and you need to make sure there are windows bringing in natural light in the morning and sufficient artificial light in the evening. Look for dimmable light fixtures so you can always adjust the brightness. You can also install LED strips or lamps underneath the overhead cupboards to illuminate your benchtop.

Ceiling lights alone will not be enough to create illumination for preparation as your shadow will fall on the benchtop; this is solved by the use of under cabinet lights. Also, consider motion lights for the toe kicker of the kitchen cupboards. It will help you find your way in the dark instead of having to scramble for a light switch.

Bethan Cartwright