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Dress up effortlessly and blossom to the beauty of sunny summer by flower-shaped dresses.


There could not be a better time in summer to let your own expression reflect in a subtle, yet stylish and flowery way in your dressing. There is something so effortless yet glamorous about a floral dress that they will give sparkle and style to almost any outfit for any occasion. Be it through subdued accents or bolder flowers, there is nothing so magical as lovely floral dresses that let the inner wildflower inside each one of us emerge. Make this summer bloom and embrace some stunning styles with which life feels like an ever-after.

Summer Floral Dresses–Overview: why this look is a must-have for the season

In summer, people should relax in the sun together with their families and look attractive wearing clothes made of fashion fabrics. The summer floral dress is a must have for the season. It looks like this is the “sexy”, funky look that screams fun and flirty. there are so many variations to play with for everyone’s personal taste. Floral dresses ranging from bold prints to delicate hues. The party dresses are suitable for all occasions either in a Friday Brunch or a Club night dance party. They are not only comfortable and breathable, but also easy to accessorize. Therefore, for this summer I suggest a little bit of nature in your clothes, the gorgeous floral dress. You won’t regret it.

Choose a floral dress for your body type – the best styles for petite, tall, curvier and athletic physique.

One should choose a floral summer dress depending on their body type because a certain cut will accentuate your beauty and make you look stunning. Choose short-length dresses with a belted or fitted waist to lengthen your legs if you are petite. Long hems suit taller women better, as well as maxi dresses; similarly, if you have a curvy figure then opt for something with a defined waistline and flowing skirts to highlight your curves. Dresses which have rushing or other detailing for example, may give an impression of curves to athletic build. Looking for the right floral dress which fits your body is now more easy considering all these different options are available.

Sometimes the smallest details in fashion mean most. Adding some of accessories will take a step forward in your outfit. Options range from statement jewelry to scarves, hats, and so on. Instead try experimenting on different combinations of textures, colours and styles to make a very personal fashion statement. Bold necklace is capable to turn a simple dress in the one to be stared at whereas narrow belt that just hugs up blouse gives stylish silhouette that is flattering to figure. Besides dressing the body, accessories add another dimension to the aspect of fashion. Further, they are important attributes that enable one’s personality as well as creativity in fashion come out. Then, when dressing up next time always ensure that the attention is paid to the tiny bits as well as give your accessory time to glamorize.

Easy tricks for drawing attention to the dress with hair & makeup.

Choosing the right dress for a special occasion is only part of the puzzle, though this is arguably the most important aspect. Having the correct make up and hairstyle will truly stand out and people’s eyes will be on that dress you worked so much to search for. But where do you start? It should be kept simple yet stylish. You can never go wrong with something as simple as a sleek updo or a glammed up wave and some statement earring. However, do not neglect your make-up – a splash of color on the lips or a bold eye would pull the entire ensemble together. You will be giving people a reason to turn their heads after using these easy hair and makeup tricks.

Top five places to shop for fashionable floral dresses without exhausting your purse from high street shops and online retailers

Floral dresses have always been a darling of the female folk when fashion is concerned. These are flexible, elegant, fit for any event be it a casual daily affair or an evening of glamour at a wedding. However, there are many who simply cannot afford to buy designer merchandise. Fortunately, many outlet stores as well as websites provide fashionable floral dresses at affordable rates. You will be spoilt for choice from the hot picks of Topshop and H&M to the more sophisticated looks of Zara and Mango. Moreover, in case you like buying from internet stores, ASOS and Boohoo have good varieties of flowery dresses available at cheap rates. Therefore, splash some colours into your wardrobe but without emptying your wallet.

Tips for wearing a floral dress in casual, semiformal or any other setting.

Flowered dress is definitely important in woman’s dressing, it is however very hard to determine which functions the flowered dress may serve. In case you are going for casual wear, try on a relaxed-fit floral dress and slip into sandals/sneakers. Some heeled, bold accessories will add class to it for a semi- formal evening. opt for a maxi or midi floral dress coupled with subtle jewelry and a pair of fashionable stilettos. However, as an important point, you should not over-accessorize, but it should accentuate your floral dress, no matter what occasion you’re dressing for. The ideas will ensure that you have a nice time in any floral dress event.

Bethan Cartwright